Traffic Information & Accommodations Regulation

Accommodations Regulation

1.Check-after 3:00 p.m.  / Check-out time 12:00 p.m.

2.Late check-out is subject to charge NT$200 per hour.

3.The room rate is based on published rate for the type of room selected.

4.The room will be reserved for you until 6:00 pm on the day of  arrival if you aren't pay a down payment for this reservation.

5.Smoking is prohibited in the whole floor by government regulations. Please note that a minimum NT$10,000 penalty will be charged if smoke is detected in guest rooms and NT$3,000 cleaning fee plus hotel losses.

6.Except for guide dogs,no pets or animals are allowed there are also fines NT$3,000 cleaning fee plus hotel losses.

7.An additional fee will be assessed for damage or take out any hotel property such as towel,cup,room equipment and all other  will be charge the full price for any damaged. 

8.To keep best living quality,no cooking,gambling and alcoholism in the room.

Traffic Information

Traffic information:


National Highway No. 1:
264 Chiayi Export Interchange (5KM from the hotel)
To the direction of Chiayi City → turn right at beigang Rd. → drive to You'ai Rd. on the right, pass Jiasyong Overpass → go to Minzu Rd. and go straight to the intersection of Ren'ai Rd.

National Highway No. 3:
No. 297 Zhongpu Export Interchange (6KM from the hotel)
To the direction of Chiayi City → go straight to the 5th section of Zhongshan Rd. → drive right on Dayi Rd. → turn right at Zhongyi Bridge → go straight to Mituo Rd. → turn left to Chuiyang Rd. → turn right at Ren'ai Rd. and go straight to the intersection of Minzu Rd.

[ride the high-speed rail]
High-speed rail stop: Chiayi Station (12KM from the hotel)
Transfer to Chiayi BRT bus, get off at Mitsukoshi Station, and walk for about 5 minutes.

[Take the Taiwan Railway]
Railway station: Chiayi Station (400M from the hotel)
Take the front exit and walk for about 5 minutes.

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Parking information:

The hotel has an underground parking lot for accommodation (located on the basement floor of the hotel). Please inform the reservation information at the entrance fence of the parking lot and open the entrance fence.

The notes are as follows:
1. The parking lot is a mechanical lift. After arriving at the underground parking floor, it is a flat parking space.
2. The parking space is limited to first-come first-served, parking spaces are not reserved. There is no guarantee that parking spaces will be available in all rooms.
3. The hotel is not responsible for vehicle storage.
4. Based on safety considerations, the tourists must find the park space if the mechanical lift break down or the parking space is full.

Please note that the parking lot access device is a mechanical lift and can only be used for regular cars.
The specifications are as follows:
Length: under 5.0 m;
Width: under 1.8 m;
Height: under 1.9 m;
Weight: under 2,400 kilograms



  05-2272285 嘉義市廣寧街78號
  收費參考 :
  平日 NT$10 / 半小時
  假日 NT$40 / 小時,單日無最高上限
                                     ( 03:00AM-07:00AM不收費)
  計次停車 NT$300


  05-2229243 嘉義市蘭井街467號
 收費參考 :
 平日 NT$10 / 半小時,單日(凌晨12後即為次日)最高NT$200
 假日 NT$20 / 半小時,單日(凌晨12後即為次日)最高NT$250


 平日 NT$10 / 半小時
 假日 NT$20 / 半小時


  05-2648501 嘉義市西區垂楊路605號
 收費參考 :
  NT$ 20元 / 小時,單日(凌晨12後即為次日)最高200元


  05-2276608 嘉義市廣寧街13號對面空地
  平日 NT$20 / 半小時
  假日 NT$25 / 半小時


  平日 NT$15 / 半小時
  假日 NT$20 / 半小時


  05-216-0500 嘉義市中山路616號